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Essential information

The Department of Security Technologies and Engineering conducts education and research in the respective domains throughout whole Czech Technical University. The department is divided into research groups focusing on the areas of:

  • Information and telecommunication system security and safety, with emphasize on cybersecurity and big data processing methods, low level processes and interfaces to the high level applications
  • Internet of Things and Wireless sensor networks, with broad deployment possibilities, covering transportation, environment and security areas
  • Vehicles and transportation infrastructure security and safety, covering passive, active and integrated safety of vehicles, and interactive security and safety dedicated to the study of interaction of all systems in the vehicle, including driver behavior
  • Critical infrastructure security and safety, that covers risk management and risk engineering, protection of critical infrastructure, disaster management and critical activities scenarios
  • Social studies, oriented to the social impact of emerging security threats, especially in cyberspace;

Special project laboratory supports the work of respective groups with development of specific software, hardware, electronic and mechanical devices for experimental work while having its own research plan especially in the area of Internet of Things, sensors and sensing elements.

Info Leaflet can be downloaded here: CVUT_Info